For over 30 years we’ve been serving Central Florida

Have you ever heard the expression, “if you don’t know your diamonds, you must know your jeweler?” Basically it means if you want to know something, go to an expert for your answer.

 While “expert” seems to be a title that is thrown around loosely these days, we are in our sixth decade of matching people with pianos. Some say that makes us experts, perhaps ‘matchmakers’ is a better title. If the tips we’ve posted here help you find a piano that you will love long after you first play it, or one that helps your kids spend the rest of their lives making music, or even if they keep you from buying a lemon, then we are “truly” experts.

 While some visit us more than once, it takes most of our clients only an hour or two to become educated about pianos, review their options, and make a selection.

At SPG Orlando Our Dedication is Unsurpassed

A piano store is only as good as its ability to obtain high-quality products and service them. Look for a dedicated piano store staffed by people who know and love pianos. Smaller and medium size dealers like SPG Orlando are typically family businesses with loyal employees committed to the long term success of the company. We go “the extra mile” to insure that you are happy with their service and your piano long after the sale.

University of Florida basketball coach, Mike White, with his new piano purchased at our piano sale to benefit UF by Kathy and Gary Grimes, founders of Steinway Piano Gallery